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Tactical Team: Self-Care Customer Experience

What does it take to enable convenient customer self-serve options for in-home services? Actionable, real-time carrier data can be used to predict a customer’s ‘next best action’. 

Tactical Team: The Critical Home Network

Giving your customers the ability to troubleshoot common issues will improve customer satisfaction and lower cost per repair.

Tactical Team: The Better Virtual Visit

How to supercharge virtual visits - augmenting the physical aspects of the visit with critical information available within the home.

Mariner virtual technician video

Watch How Virtual Tech Informs Field Teams

While field teams are challenged to perform zero-touch in-home installation and repairs, Mariner's Virtual Tech app uses AR to supercharge virtual visits.

Tactical Teams: The Reality of Augmented Reality

Moving beyond applications for field technicians, we talk through self-care tools and how the customer experience can be supercharged

Helping Your Customers Remotely

Mariner can help pinpoint service problems, diagnose their cause and solve them - without personal contact.