TACTICAL TEAM SERIES: Supercharge Virtual Visits with Remote Investigators and Augmented Reality

Evolve your in-home installation and repair processes to put your customers in the driver’s seat.
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What's a Tactical Team?


Customers tell us all the time we do things differently, so we're throwing the traditional webinar out the window. Instead, we're bringing you our tactical team of experts. 

We're tackling the issues  most relevant to the CSP teams we work with. 

While field teams are challenged to perform zero-touch in-home installation and repairs to maintain social distance, we'll explain how automated remote investigators can supercharge virtual visits. 

These 9-minute videos capture real discussions - from a fully realized customer experience enhanced by augmented reality to how self-serve options are the catalyst driving this evolution.

This Week's Tactical Team 

Alfred Whiffen
Head of Customer Development
Joel Cox
Customer Success Manager
Luc Comeau
Senior Product Manager

Up For Discussion

In-home Installation and Repair During Social Distancing - And Beyond
Social distancing has limited the ability for CSPs to conduct in-home residential services. We’ll explore important questions such as; ‘Do technicians need to be in the home?’, ‘Are there alternatives to home installs?’, and ‘What are the repercussions for the brand and technical insight?’
How Automated Investigators Remotely Power Virtual Visits
Virtual visits have emerged as a solution for in-home installations and repair. In addition to looking at common problems in a service delivery mesh by traversing multi-layered network topologies, automated investigators go deeper. We will discuss the practical application of automated investigators to enable virtual visits by field and care teams today.
AR Enhanced Self-Service Puts Customers in the Driver’s Seat
Current events are driving the need for more robust self-serve options; from out-of-the-box installation to collaborative troubleshooting. Imagine a virtual technician guiding consumers with real-time visualization of signal within the home. Augmented reality within an enterprise-grade app is closer than you think. We will examine why the time to put customers in the driver’s seat with augmented reality virtual assistance is now.

Watch our Tactical Team in Action

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