Mariner Announces Service Assurance Solution for In-Home Wi-Fi

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January 30, 2019

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Mariner today announces XpertVu for Wi-Fi, a service assurance solution enabling service providers to entertain their customers with the best in-home Wi-Fi experience from day one. XpertVu for Wi-Fi enables complete visibility and control of the set-up, speed and reliability of the end consumer’s Wi-Fi experience.

Addressing the complex challenges of the in-home Wi-Fi experience, XpertVu for Wi-Fi offers a powerful certification and performance monitoring solution-set built exclusively for a service provider’s enterprise environment.

“When field teams are empowered with tools to ensure ‘first-time right’ Wi-Fi installs, certification and compliance, the end consumer’s experience is improved from day one,” says Mariner xVu Product Manager, Luc Comeau.

In addition to a robust field toolkit and workflows to optimize installation, XpertVu for Wi-Fi provides continuous monitoring, triggering alarms on poor service conditions. Additional functionality such as remote troubleshooting and assurance analytics benefit stakeholders across an organization to ensure service standards such as Quality of Experience (QoE) without dispatching technicians to the home.

“With this solution, Mariner is enabling service providers to differentiate the value proposition of their Wi-Fi offerings beyond a speed rating. Working with Tier 1 operators, we have proven that this solution has ability to positively affect Net Promoter Scores (NPS) as a result of a better Wi-Fi experience from day one,” says Savoie.

XpertVu for Wi-Fi has been designed to complement existing hardware and software investments. For advanced capabilities, available integrations include various ACS (Auto Configuration Vendors) systems, gateway, set-top-box providers, Wi-Fi mesh extenders and Workflow Engines (WFE).


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