Mariner Announces Self-Care Solution for Video and Broadband Providers

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June 18, 2018

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Mariner's self-care solution provides an immediate diagnosis of issues impacting QoE, guiding the customer toward resolution, increasing their service and ultimately improving the service provider’s Net Promoter Score.

Mariner xVu™ today announced XpertVu Self Care, an application for service providers to improve subscribers’ quality of experience (QoE) by enabling them to self-diagnose and repair. XpertVu Self Care provides an immediate diagnosis of key issues impacting QoE, guiding the customer toward resolution and increasing their satisfaction with the service, which improves the service provider’s Net Promoter Score. The new application uses Mariner’s automated Investigator technology, which leverages machine learning and AI algorithms to pinpoint problem areas. By reducing the number of customer care calls and truck rolls, XpertVu Self Care significantly reduces operational costs for service providers.

“When QoE is impacted, subscribers want instant resolution. Waiting on hold for a customer care representative can be extremely frustrating,” said Marc Savoie, president of Mariner xVu. “Leveraging over a decade of insight and intelligence as the market leader in IP service assurance automation, we’ve launched XpertVu Self Care. This innovative new app makes it easy for consumers to track QoE for their entire service bundle, including service quality in their neighborhood and for their specific device types. In cases where customers are affected by an issue, XpertVu Self Care gives them the power to troubleshoot and quickly resolve it.”

With the app’s smart truck roll capability, operators can automatically detect when a field technician is needed and schedule an appointment without a call to the help desk. The software app’s smart ticket capability tracks the customer’s activity related to their immediate problem and provides live help via chat, reducing operational costs and maximizing efficiency. Offering support for multiple access technologies and all services offered by operators, XperVu Self Care provides a unique 360-degree view of the customer’s QoE.

XpertVu Self Care is the latest addition to Mariner’s widely deployed automated service assurance analytics software suite, focused on actual service experience. The suite already includes purpose-built applications for field technicians, customer care agents, network operations, and product managers.


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