How Mariner Enables Remote Customer Support to Handle Increased Demand

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Alfred Whiffen, Head of Customer Development

April 2, 2020

Written By: Alfred Whiffen, Head of Customer Development

Unparalleled demand on your communication services grows daily. As more and more of us work and learn from home, remote support for your customers is crucial. 

If you're a Mariner customer, we want to make sure you are aware of the way we can enable your customer care team to pinpoint service problems, diagnose their cause and solve them - all without personal contact between field technicians and your customers. 


Mariner Partners - COVID-19 Address


Like you, we’re stepping up to the challenge of working from home but we are here to show you how, and when, to use your existing Mariner capabilities and adapt to this rapidly changing demand.

Let's start helping your customers remotely

If you're not already a Mariner customer, let's talk about the challenges your teams are up against and how we can help.



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